Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope grinding

I've been grinding away at this new pope thing a lot. I really don't care about the new pope. But why?

I know a lot of people care only because his hat makes him an instant celebrity. And there is the fact that he is now the divine leader of a billion people and one of the largest criminal organizations in the modern world.
At the same time, we have Karl posting quotes that the pope made years ago, when he was a young cardinal of only 70. And as much as that feels like an appeal to his celebrity - the pope's, not Karl's - that just doesn't seem like something Karl would do.

So, am I just indifferent because I don't have a horse in the race? I'm a proud atheist and I live in one of the most irreligious regions of North America - 35% and climbing, before adjusting for age demographics.

Or am I actually discounting his opinion more /because/ he's the pope? I'd like to think I'd be bothered if a random person on the street said the same things Francis I did six years ago. So am I discounting it because it was six years ago, or am I holding him less accountable because he's pope and I just expect flowery-smelling sewage to stream out of his mouth?

Something here isn't sitting right with me. I guess I'll grind at it for a few more days.

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