Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baseless personal attacks and writing in public

I seem to have spent so long with theocrats self-selected out of my social circles that I forgot how viciously the personal attacks can come from challenging indoctrination. The few I have left are either good friends or they just laugh off whatever I say. If I'm going to continue writing in public about the State, and especially with the goal of eventually speaking in public, I'm going to have to work on getting a bit of a thicker skin. Many of the recent attacks have gotten me too riled up - even if I wouldn't change my response, which I don't think I would have in most cases, I need to keep my calm.

In the last few days, I have received direct personal attacks on my character and lifestyle, from at least 4 people who know absolutely nothing about me or my lifestyle. It's jaw dropping, really, how readily defenders of "virtue" will discard it out of reflex in an argument.

Though I'm not sure what I actually want my response to be. I've been trying to just point out the flaw and then move on, which I think is the "right" solution. My issue is that in this medium it's really hard to get feedback: the other person is almost never going to change their mind, and there's no audience "energy" to gauge from lurkers. 

If you read this, then perhaps you find the idea interesting. I have a request: whether it is for myself or for others, when we present and champion ideas in public, take a moment to let us know when we do well. Mention the arguments you liked, or when you liked our demeanour, whether we were too "hot" or "cold", or anything of that sort. Or even just a "thank you for taking the time". It's so hard to get ANY feedback that anything will be good.

Even if it's a critique of the delivery method, or something from above, still let us know. If we react badly, it's easy to block them. And you never know - we might react positively, and you found a new contact to share and exchange ideas with.

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